A Silver Lining

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, people are forced to confine themselves in the comfort of their homes. The majority of the industries were forced to temporarily shut down.

A year before this pandemic exploded, Gigant team envisioned a platform were Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants and other professionals in all the arrays of the industry will be able to digitally connect with their clients through an online marketplace where virtual consultation rooms are available to facilitate their services.

Guided with Gigant’s mission and vision, Endsofttech Web Solutions had put everything into coding. Gigant’s professional marketplace has its soft launch last September 22, 2020 

visit link: https://gigant.com.ph/

Today, we see this platform as a silver lining to help professionals and service seekers to build connection in an enormous market of world wide web while keeping themselves safe from the pandemic threats.

Gigant’s online consultancy platform offers;

Be in the know before you go!

Legal, business, relationship, career or health, get access to licensed professionals & industry practitioners via live video chat

Talk to real people for real advice that can work for you

Client Security

Find trusted professionals by browsing through their qualifications and verified user reviews & testimonials

Know exactly how much you’ll be paying before your consultation

Get a refund of your consultation fees if the professional does not show up for your online appointment

Pay through PayPal, one of the world’s most trusted online payment processing solutions

Expert advice anytime, anywhere!

Whether you’re at home or on the road, get expert advice wherever you are

Look for a professional who’s available at the time that is most convenient to you

Find any service within minutes

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