Do you have a strategy for what happens if your server is blocklisted?

Why use an SMTP Relay Service?

Spam is the Only Constant on the Internet. Email receivers are on constant lookout for sources of spam. IP blocklists give them an easy and effective tool to block unwanted content from sites that don’t keep their own users secure from hacking. Even if you feel your operational security is strong, your vigilance may not prevent your network from being hijacked to send spam. Just a single compromised user account can get a server blocklisted by a major email receiver — or even the entire Internet. Your email traffic is at risk because spam is a persistent threat.

If Spamhaus blocklisted your entire network (or a large part of it), the result would be a complete halt in email delivery for all your customers. Think about the social media backlash that could follow such an event and how it would impact your company’s reputation.

Do you have a strategy for what happens if your server is blocklisted?

With a hosted SMTP relay service, the constant problem of outbound spam is handled for you. The monthly fee is minor compared to the advantage of offloading the management of IPs and RBL listings to a partner that specializes in email deliverability.

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