How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name must be always put into top priority. It is an essential element that gives impact not only on your brand and customers memory retention but most of all, on the searchability of your website. ​

A well thought out Domain Name or website name makes it easy for clients to remember you when they browse online. The most common practice in domain name registration is to use the Company Name. It strongly reinforces your brand and additionally, it serves as a good keyword on search engines to direct results into your website.​

Web users around the world have grown exceptionally comfortable in typing short domain extensions (.ph, .biz, .org, .net etc…), most specifically the .com.  There are numerous domain name extensions that you can choose from, however, going against the grain involves many risks. It may be tempting to choose something that is into innovation to stand out, but it is important to consider the large hurdle of going far from what is already established.​

So how do you choose a perfect domain name?​

  1. Choose the right Domain Name Extension​
  2. Make sure its brandable and not just generic.​
  3. Remember short is better than long​
  4. Make sure its easy to type​
  5. Avoid hyphens and numbers​
  6. Consider Niche keywords that relates to your business​
  7. Remember that the domain you choose will have impact in your website SEO​

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